Come out and Tweet !

Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it. Winston Churchill

First year on Twitter

One year after my first tweet, one thing is sure: Twitter is special !

Beginning on Twitter takes an open mind, curiosity and the tools to engage with the Twittersphere. To be honest following multiple timelines can be quite challenging, specially when the people you follow live all around the world in different time zones !

But Twitter grows on you with every tweet, every new person you get to follow & know, every relationship you get to build. Messages might be limited to 140 characters but you discover everyday new ways to pass messages, be more creative on followfridays and engage.

Spontaneous interactions & Sharing

Twitter is about spontaneous interactions and sharing. Having covered live on Twitter last year’s Inspire for Excellence Symposium with Stephen MR Covey for the Swiss Marketing Club, I’ll always remember when I started receiving during the conference spontaneous retweet translations of quotes in portuguese and spanish from followers in Brasil and Venezuela !

With this special post I would like to thank all of my followers all around the world for their loyalty as well as my good friend Yann Graf a swiss multimedia project specialist, who introduced me to Twitter one year ago.

Twitter has been so far a very stimulating experience that has helped me to develop awareness on the importance of rebuilding customer loyalty, specially in these challenging times. It has also been a great opportunity to find some new loyal tweetfriends.

Come out and Tweet !

As I explained to a swiss firm in Vevey, during a Twitter Workshop in July, to understand better micro-blogging and Twitter you need to tweet, just as you must get your kite flying in the air to start having fun ! So tweet on !

What do you think about Twitter ? I’d be glad to have your feedbacks !

One Comment on “Come out and Tweet !

  1. Hey,
    Thanks a lot for the mention.
    Actually, I forgot I introduced you to twitter. Now I feel small with 10 times less followers as you 😉
    Bonne journée


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