Learning from Loyalty Leaders

“Put great things out. And you’ll get great things back.” Robin Sharma

Learning in a changing world

Loyalty Building has always been a major strategical issue for businesses. Retaining customers, making them happy has become even more of a challenge in these challenging post crisis times where companies discover customers driven by new values and motivations (connected, ethics driven, quality seeking, community conscious) .

Understanding how some successful swiss companies with loyal customers motivated them seemed then important to me. Knowing today the key role of customer experience, I was curious to understand how corporate leadership influenced their approach to loyalty.

Learnings from Robin Sharma

Having managed this summer Swiss Marketing’s social media platforms to promote the “Inspire for Excellence” Symposium with Robin Sharma held last Friday on IMD’s Campus in Lausanne, I got the opportunity to participate to this great event and hear what one of the world’s most inspiring leadership experts had to say.

Here are three key learnings for businesses from Robin Sharma’s workshop that apply to Loyalty Building:

  1. To have loyal customers, businesses must show loyalty to them.
  2. To be competitive, companies must focus on what they do best & improve continually
  3. In order to make a difference in the mind of their customers, they must deliver the greatest possible value

Learning from Loyalty Leaders

Some of the most successful swiss companies (Nespresso, www.leshop.ch) with loyal customers in my study apply these key learnings. They express gratitude regularly and show loyalty to their customers in small and big ways. They focus on what they do best and deliver more value than expected. Most of all, theses businesses know why they sell online, produce great coffees and provide outstanding medical services. For those reasons their clients respect them, recommend them and keep coming back.

What is your opinion on the relationship between loyalty & leadership ? Would you like to share a comment ?

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