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Here are some increasingly important questions:

  • What makes a customer loyal ?
  • What loyalty building strategies help companies ensure customer satisfaction in the present times where consumption patterns as well as customer confidence are evolving fast ?
  • How are used the latest technologies (social media + smartphones + online solutions) in these strategies ?

Nowadays these questions make even more sense !

To get a better picture, I contacted the management of more than 30 companies in the Lake of Geneva Region in Switzerland. Although active in very different sectors (insurance, banking, advertising, tourism, public transport, e-marketing & fashion) all these companies have one thing in common:

  • the determination to satisfy their customers.

Photo by Hélène Quintaine (Flicker)

In this changing world, new opportunities & challenges are appearing in areas such as loyalty building strategies, communication and business development. The conclusions of my study surprised me. They will surprise you too.

Follow this blog & learn more as my future posts will develop these new trends.

Welcome ! Hope you enjoy it !

Eugène Schoen

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