Tell & Engage

Great communicators are great explainers – John Baldoni

Tell & Engage

Every brand has a story to tell and an opportunity to engage customers.

Storytelling is very important as a loyal reader commented on my recent Matching Tourism & New Media post. Some brands like Nespresso combine successfully traditional and new media to communicate & explain their story.

As brands are becoming media and a growing number of companies (Burson-Marsteller social media study: 79 % of companies listed on “Fortune 100”) use social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook …), content management is more than ever a key strategic communication skill to develop a brand, a destination or a service.

Storytelling or storyplaying?

There is a difference between “being told” a story and playing it. This isn’t just true only for video games projects anymore. It also applies to the way we tell stories with new media platforms, just as the new Wired Digital Magazine shows:

Building loyalty with content

Social media is changing the rules of engagement and turning Storytelling into storyplaying . But as I discovered developing my Twitter community, having an account and tweeting from time to time isn’t enough. Every social object is an opportunity to tell your story, produce regular relevant content, interact and build loyalty.

What is for you the importance of stories in building brand content & engaging customers ? I’d be glad to have your comments !

2 Comments on “Tell & Engage

  1. Eugene,
    ca c’est superb de mon avis.
    I like the story tell and engage very much!
    Reno, Nevada, USA

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