Simplicity Innovation

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci

Simplicity as an innovation trend

Speaking about future innovation trends in consuming , Josée Bélanger Simko, one of the main speakers at last year’s Innovation Conference organized by the HEIG-VD in Yverdon (Switzerland), mentioned the challenge of making technology easy & simple to use.

Some of the best known examples of this user-friendly product philosophy come from Cupertino. Browsing the web, checking your e-mails, editing your calendar, accessing your Twitter or Linkedin accounts have never been so easy thanks to app based / touchscreen equiped devices like the iPhone and iPad. Switch on, tap on your app and get to work !

Simplicity & Loyalty: Making life easier

As my study showed, companies in Suisse Romande with loyal customers improve constantly consumer experience.

Simpler devices make the life easier for users who can focus on what is important for them: shopping online, travelling, skiing, therefore giving the opportunity to improve their life quality.

App based devices such as smartphones & wi-fi tablets will help new users of all ages access the Web in a more simple way, creating new conversation 2.0 & loyalty building opportunities for many companies. Stay tuned for more in my future posts !

What do you think about Simplicity Innovation ?
I’d be glad to have your comments !

7 Comments on “Simplicity Innovation

  1. Eugen,

    Very important and well-stated and I heartily concur. Someone put it this way: simplifying is eliminating the obvious and adding the meaningful and this applies both to product and service-design.

    As our world becomes more complicated, we’re increasingly attracted to simple, well-designed solutions. When the user interface is also elegant, then we’re enthralled which, I think, explains Apple’s appeal.

    Thank you for highlighting this subject.


  2. Hello Eugène,
    I’d like to give my 2 cents by suggesting the following book, for everyone interested in nurturing Innovation through Simplicity like you and me:
    The Law of Simplicity by John Maeda.

    It is just a must-have on your desk, you can read it in half a day.


    • Hello Floriano,
      I wanted to thank you for the book recommandation. I read it yesterday and found it very interesting. John Maeda is indeed a “simplicity” expert and writes very nicely. A must-read !
      Best regards

  3. Hi there,
    you’re very welcome.
    I’m truly glad you enjoyed the book.
    Keep in touch.


  4. It is really easy to over-design and make technology complex. You can pack more technology into devices as lower cost than every before. Using technology for the sake of adding technology results in complexity and a poor user experience. Thank you for the reminder!

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    • Thank you very much for mentionning my work/study in your excellent post ! I really appreciate it !

      Making technology easy & simple to use is definitely an important step for any business / company who wants to improve customer experience and make a difference with excellent service.

      Best regards


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