Tweet & Shake Experience

What have an iPhone, a Nintendo DS and a Wii in common?

Simple yet sophisticated, each of these products are particularly successful in very competitive markets. But what is so special about them ?

These highly innovative concepts combine natural physical interaction, social connection potential and great user experience with strong brands to reinvent the way you use your phone, access the web or play games.

Along their Tweet & Shake experiences, they add practical value by making life easier through Apps and helping personal development via virtual DS brain trainers & coaches.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. – Steve Jobs

Is this just the beginning ?

Considering the promising recently launched Apple iPad, forthcoming Tablet competitors and future products from Nintendo the answer is YES !

Tweeting, tapping, shaking & tilting is not only changing the way you phone or play games. It is changing the way stories are told to new generations of consumers. Check the new Alice App e-book and you will have a better idea of the iPad’s storytelling potential !

So does consumer success = innovation + fun + good brand ?

Adding value and making life easier for the consumer are important too.

At a recent Swiss Marketing Club conference on buzz marketing held in Lausanne, the speaker, Mr. Olivier Perez Kennedy insisted on how important it is to add value when engaging consumers in social media campaigns.

This is also true speaking of loyalty building as my 2009 study showed. Companies with loyal customers such as Nespresso improve constantly customer experience and add value by offering more of what clients expect of them: refined coffee experiences, high quality product & service.

What do you think of Tweet & Shake Experience ? I’d be glad to have your comments !

2 Comments on “Tweet & Shake Experience

  1. Hi Eugene
    I am enjoying the posts on your blog.
    I love the wee bird in the photo very cute. 🙂
    I was also interested to read about the way stories are being passed on to the younger generation….wow.
    I love that these apps are so visual and that is great, but it doesnt leave much for the child to visualise in their own imagination as a book would do. The written word has the power to generate so much and this is largely lost when they use things like the iPad.
    I guess my grandchildren will have a completely different world to contend with.

    • Hi Cindy Thank you so much for your encouragements ! I really appreciate ! Stay tuned for future posts to come soon ! 🙂

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