New Seminar, New Challenges

Learning never exhausts the mind. Leonardo da Vinci

Learning & Sharing

When I started my Loyalty Building & New Media Study one year ago, I would have never thought that there would be so much interest from entrepreneurs in Suisse romande and that I would be organizing a Conference / Seminar for the Swiss Marketing Club – Lausanne

On April 29th 2010 this precisely happened as I got the opportunity to share with 30 marketing & sales professionals of different business backgrounds (telecom, banking, consulting & tourism) some of the best practices learned throughout my study and teach some basic loyalty building skills at the Hotel d’Angleterre & Résidence in Lausanne.

New Seminar, Interesting Questions

Some very interesting questions were raised during the conference by the audience. Here are some good examples & future entrepreneur challenges:

  1. In the midst of the actual social media revolution, what is the importance of Loyalty Building in future of innovative communication strategies ?
  2. How do you re-engage customers in positive long-term business relationships ?
  3. During the workshop, many participants asked themselves whether offering services was enough to keep customers satisfied, as delivering is so important to meet real expectations.

Many of these topics will be developed in future posts. So stay tuned for more as a slideshare of the presentation will be published soon ! In the meantime I’d like to thank the participants of this seminar / conference for their motivation and interest in this special & hopefully useful day.

Do you have any questions ? Would you like to add any comment ?

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