What is loyalty building marketing ? (1)

There is not one but many ways to define a loyal customer depending on business models, values, corporate histories.

But HOW do the managers interviewed motivate their customers to stay loyal to their brands, products, services & points sales ?

Before answering this question, let us remember that although very different, loyalty building campaigns can be very close to sales promotions & public relation activities if you consider some of their effects (customer acquisition / image) in the short & long terms.

Loyalty building vs sales promotion vs public relations

To avoid any confusion, every manager must set clearly their loyalty building objectives during strategic marketing planning.

What is for your business loyalty building ?
I’d be glad to have your comments & feedbacks.

One Comment on “What is loyalty building marketing ? (1)

  1. Hi Eugen,
    Could you define some loyalty building objectives? Real examples, typical objectives.

    I don’t do “real” loyalty building, but in some ways, I think, community management is somehow the same.

    For example: on my blog, I’d try to get in touch with my readers, interact with them, get some information about them. But I’m not trying to sell the anything, I’ just willing to make them come back, interact with the blog posts.

    Good luck with your blog, and merry “a-bit-too-late” Xmas

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