Enter Conversation 2.0

Is Communication evolving into Conversation ?

As the slides taken from a recent Thomas Baekdal presentation show (via NiceToFeedYou ) traditional marketing is undergoing a major revolution.

Traditional Marketing

Web Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, …) are linking individuals with similar interests & needs. Customers communicating before individually regroup, associate & interact spontaneously with their favorite brands, point of sales, event or  travel destination. This is changing the way companies communicate with their customers.

What is the link between social media & loyalty building ?

Companies with loyal customers stay close to them. By keeping in touch, companies can show interest, attention and understand better their needs. This is easier for the smaller organizations where customers can be met personally. For companies which can not be so close to their customers – for business model reasons – solutions exist such as social media.

Find out more in my next posts as we will examine examples of loyalty building campaigns using social media.

Is communication evolving into Conversation 2.0 ? I’d be glad to have your comments !

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